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Home Remedy for Folliculitis

FolliculitisThere isna��t one home remedy for treating folliculitis but several remedies for folliculitis from which you could choose from. Folliculitis is a condition where the hair follicles or hair roots get infected. Under such conditions, the hair follicles get inflamed, the skin around the hair follicles becomes red and white-headed pimples appear on the surface. Such conditions can occur in any part of the body. In severe cases, folliculitis can cause scars and/or even permanent hair loss.

Folliculitis home remedy or remedies range from treating the infected hair follicles with a topical antiseptic, hot compressors, topical antibiotic or ointment to antifungal medications. Discover a list of home remedies for folliculitis in the list below.

Home Remedy for Folliculitis

Listed below are some remedies for treating folliculitis:

  • Antiseptic soap preparations is one remedy for folliculitis
  • Dabbing some antibiotic lotions and creams can help solve the problem of infected hair follicles too
  • Oral medications such as Erythromycin is taken under severe conditions (consult a doctor or physician)
  • Applying warm moist compressors to the affected areas (this controls the spread of infection and/or rashes to the neighboring areas of the skin)
  • Use a moist cloth to scrub and wash the areas affected with dead skin cells
  • Dermatologists also recommend the application of vinegar compressors on the affected areas as a remedy of folliculitis
  • Over the counter drugs like the cortisone cream can also be applied to the areas affected before putting on your clothes
  • Dab some medicated powder to the infected hair follicles before putting on your clothes
  • Use chlorine in your hot water baths or tubs in intervals

Tips for Treating Folliculitis
Other recommended tips for treating or curing folliculitis are listed below:

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and loose and/or comfortable clothing that allows your skin to breathe and get fresh air
  • Stop shaving the affected area of the skin or switch to an electric shaver to avoid any cuts or bruises
  • Do not share your towels, sheets with others
  • Ensure that your clothes are disinfected well enough while washing them like dipping them in hot water, etc
  • Reduce frictional pressure to the area affected (through clothes, shaving, etc)
  • Ensure that even if you take to hectic activities and perspire a great deal, wash and clean your skin and clothes dry
  • Avoid oily creams and/or cosmetics (clogging of the skin pores leaves more room for bacteria or infection to grow)
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes a lot of garlic which helps fight infections

Folliculitis appears like tiny white heads around hair follicles and often converts into itchy rashes. Though minor case of folliculitis is more embarrassing than uncomfortable, extreme cases of infected hair follicles include symptoms like a�� inflammation, redness, pain and fever.

Experts opine that in most cases, folliculitis can be treated at home. However, in extremely uncomfortable and painful conditions, a dermatologist should be consulted with. The approach for treating a severe case of folliculitis depends on its diagnosis for which a doctora��s recommendation is absolutely necessary.

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  1. how can i get reed of scaring caused by infected hair folicals

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