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Home Remedies to Tighten Open Pores

One may be surprised to notice open pores on their skins, which is quite contrary to the smooth skin structure.

Open pores are genetically inherited and there is nothing much one can do to remove it permanently.

However, one can take necessary steps to reduce the size of these pores, thereby preventing the risk of acne and pimples on their skin.

Open pores also lead to accumulation of grime and dust which when not cleaned lead to skin rashes and pimples.

The best way to deal with open pores is to tone them regularly. There are several skin toners available in the market, one can use them or resort to natural skin toners, which are way too effective and affordable.

Some Simple Home Remedies to Tighten Open Pores :

  1. Tomato pulp when applied daily on the face for 5 minutes greatly helps in reducing the size of the pores.
  2. Heat egg white, along with lemon juice for 20 seconds, once the mixture cools down; apply it on your face. You will notice the size of the pores reduced to a great extent.
  3. Multani mitti or Fullera��s earth is said t be a very effective skin toner, apply it for 10 minutes, once a week.
  4. Rubbing ice cube over the face before going out also helps minimize the size of the pores.
  5. Gram flour paste when applied on the face not only tones the face but also lightens the skin.
  6. Papaya when mashed and applied on the face also greatly tones the skin.
  7. Sandal wood paste is a very effective skin toner.
  8. Regularly applying these natural skin toners will help reduce the size of the pores.

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