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Home Remedies for Red Eye

Remedies for Red EyeEyes are the most sensitive organs of our body. Any disease, injury or infection of this organ can cause redness in eye. Eyes become red when blood vessels in the surface of the sclera or conjunctiva become irritated and enlarged. There are some home remedies that can treat redness in eye. These home remedies can help by constricting and soothing the swollen blood vessels, thereby treating redness of eyes.

List of Some Natural Remedies for Red Eye :

  • Cold Compress to Treat Red Eyes: It is suggested that cold compress can constrict the swollen blood vessels of the eyes, thereby treating redness in eye. You can apply ice pack wrapped in a towel on your closed eyes twice a day for about 5 minutes.
  • Cold Water Splash to Cure Red Eyes: Experts believe that frequent cold water splash throughout the day can help in treating red eyes caused due to allergies. This can soothe your eye by shrinking the blood vessels.
  • Rose Water to Treat Red Eyes: It is suggested that the soothing and cooling effect of rose water can help in toning and constricting blood vessels. This can treat redness in eye. You might wash your eyes with rose water solution 2-3 times daily till the redness disappears. Alternatively, you can soak 2 cotton balls in pure rose water solution and place one on each eye for 10 minutes.
  • Cucumber to Treat Red Eyes: Placing a piece of cucumber on each eyes and leaving it for about 10 minutes can help in treating red eyes. It is suggested that cucumber can help in shrinking swollen blood vessels of eyes. This might help in treating redness of eyes.
  • Green Tea Bags for Natual Red Eyes Treatment: Applying green tea bags dipped in ice cold water on closed eye lids can help in reducing redness of eyes. It is suggested that green tea can shrink swollen blood vessels of eyes, apart from soothing it.
  • Fennel seeds for red eye cure: You can boil some fennel seeds in water for a few minutes, strain this solution and let it cool. Use this to wash you eyes a few times a day. It gives relief from symptoms and is a very helpful treatment for red eye.
  • Honey and black pepper powder red eye remedy: You can mix a small spoon of honey and finely powdered black pepper and apply this to the affected eye, leave for a few minutes and then wash off well with plain water. This is one of the most practical cures for red eye.
  • Cotton: You can soak cotton in cold water and use these as pads for the eyes. Leave them on the eyes for a few minutes and then take them off. They help soothe the eyes and give relief.
  • Drink water: Redness and dryness may be due to dehydration. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated through the day and have at least two to three liters of water. Most inexpensive home remedy for red eye.
  • Protect your eyes: If it is sunny and bright outside, that can irritate your eyes further. Make sure to wear sunglasses or tinted spectacles and protect your eyes from bright light.
  • Allergies and red eye treatment options: Do not rub your eyes if they are itchy, know about your allergies and stay away from allergens as much as possible.

Some of the above home remedies can effectively reduce pain and irritation of our eyes apart from treating redness of eyes.A� There are also certain herbs such as aniseeds, coriander, Indian gooseberry etc, that can treat red eyes.

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  1. Sir, asalam u aliekum…i’m mufeed hussain mir frm kashmir. Srinagar…i hve to face many problems with my eyes, my eyes r often red…nd in morning my eyes includes some pain…..plz gve me a treatment…

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