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Home Remedies for Vaginal Odor

A strong fishy smell coming out of vagina can limit your sex life. The unpleasant vaginal odor can be a sign of poor personal hygiene, wearing tight-fitting underwear or a serious bacterial or yeast infection. The common bacterial infection known as bacterial vaginosis is caused due to a�?gardnerellaa�� bacteria. Some home remedies such as garlic, yogurt, tea tree oil, etc. can be effective in killing yeast and treating vaginal odor.

Listed below are some effective home remedies for vaginal odor:

  • Garlic as a Natural Treatment for Vaginal Odor: It is suggested that the anti-fungal property of garlic can check yeast infection, thereby treating vaginal odor. One might make a paste of fresh garlic and apply it to the vaginal area. Alternately, one may wrap some fresh garlic in cheesecloth, tie it and insert it into the vagina for some time.
  • Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Cure for Vaginal Odor: Experts believe that the antifungal property of tea tree oil can help in treating vaginal odor. You can add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and apply the water into the vaginal area.
  • Yogurt as a Natural Cure for Vaginal Odor: It is believed that healthy bacteria present in yogurt can check spread of yeast infection. You can dip a tampoon in unsweetened yogurt and insert it in your vagina for some time.
  • Keep the Vaginal Flora Dry to Treat Vaginal Odor: Yeast infection can spread in a moist environment. You may want to wear light-fitting clean and dry cotton underwear. This can help in maintaining air circulation and prevent vaginal irritation, thereby checking vaginal odor.
  • Drink Plenty of Water to Treat Vaginal Odor: For yeasts, sugar is the primary food source. Experts suggest drinking minimum 8 glasses of pure water everyday. This can help in expelling extra sugar out of the body, thereby checking yeast infection and treating vaginal odor.

Finally, to treat vaginal odor you can consider paying attention to what you eat. You may want to stay away from foods that contain high carbohydrates and artificial sweetener.

Preventions of Vaginal Odor:
With the home remedies for vaginal odor mentioned above, these preventions techniques go a long way in curing the condition:

  • Wash well: Wash the vaginal area only twice a day with a soap that is not perfumed. Also do not wash more than twice as this can disturb the natural pH balance and make your condition worse.
  • Cotton clothing: Your inner as well as outer clothing should preferably be of pure cotton as this helps the skin breathe and also absorbs any moisture in the area quickly.
  • Frequent changing of tampons: You should change your sanitary pads or tampons frequently even when it may not be required to be changed as leaving them on for longer could aggravate the problem.
  • Hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene to cure and prevent the problem. Make sure to wear clean underwear, shower regularly and keep yourself clean and dry.
  • Use condoms: It is advisable to use condoms while having sex, especially if it is a new sexual partner you are with. Seminal fluid could disturb the pH even more, worsening your condition.

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