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Headache Remedies due to Severe Acidity

Headache RemediesMost people at some point of time or another suffer from a very common ailment known as headache. There can be many causes of a headache like tension, emotional disturbances, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, allergy etc.

But most of the headaches are due to some incidents which upsets our mind.

There is still another big cause of headaches which is called acidity. Acidity can cause headaches, heartburn, pain and inflammation in stomach, gas problems, chest pain etc.

Taking pain killers to treat headaches due to severe acidity, is not a better solution, as the pain killers have other harmful side effects on other body parts. So need of a reliable remedy without any side effects arises .

So, which is the best remedy?

The home remedies and natural cures are the best remedies as they are effective, have no side effects, cheap, and they are easily available.

Some Simple Headache remedies due to severe acidity :

We present here some of the effective headache remedies due to severe acidity.

  • Eat Apples: Eating apples every morning on an empty stomach , with little salt is very beneficial in treating headaches due to acidity troubles. Apples are one of the simplest headache remedies due to severe acidity.
  • Basil leaves: Eating 8-12 basil leaves anytime can provide quick relief from acidity .This will reduce headache. It is a very useful natural remedy for headaches from acidity.
  • Mint Capsules: Take mint capsules containing peppermint oil after your meal.They lessen gas formation and thus headache caused by severe acidity.
  • Take A? glass butter milk + 1 tsp coriander juice. Drink this combination and you will get relieved from acidity and headache. It is another proven headache remedy due to severe acidity.
  • Take 10 ml. Indian gooseberry Juice + 5 grams raw sugar crystals. Take this combination 2-3 times in a day to get relief from headache due to acidity. It is a good home remedy for headache from acidity.

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