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Home Remedies for Stomach Growling

Stomach Noises

Sometimes the stomach makes growling or gurgling noise . This occurs mainly when the stomach is empty . We often hear these noises when we are hungry. But the noises can also occur when the stomach is full , which happens due to passing of food from stomach to intestines.

Noisy stomach can be very embarrassing when some people are around us. This gurgling sound is a normal feature of the digestive system. This sound can be due to gas or food movements.

Stomach growling is a minor problem , but if it is occurring due to irregular eating habits , then it may lead to other serious problems. If these is excessive grumbling then it may cause, other problems like abdominal pain , constipation , excessive gas etc.

Some Simple Home Remedies for Stomach Growling :

We present for you the effective and simple home remedies for stomach growling are given here.

  • Take Carom seeds(Bishop’s weed) + A? tsp. Rock salt. Eat this combination with little water. It will force out all the gas naturally ,giving relief from gas troubles .It is a very effective home remedy for stomach growling.
  • Grind 3 grams Ginger and mix 10 grams jaggery to it and eat the combination. This is a simple natural remedy for stomach growling.
  • Sipping Soda: Sipping lukewarm soda can control growling noise due to excessive gas. This method allows you to expel gas by burping or passing gas naturally. It is easy to apply home remedy for stomach growling.
  • Take light meals : Instead of eating 2-3 heavy meals, try to eat 4-5 light meals. This will ensure that sounds do not come due to empty stomach. This habit of taking light meals can control stomach grumbling.
  • Avoid food items like pizza and potato chips as they are likely to cause gas. Also don’t take soft drinks with caffeine.

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