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Home Remedies for Frequent Urination

Home Remedies for Frequent Urination : Frequent urination is also known as urinary incontinence or the inability to control bladder movements. It can be irritating and socially embarrassing. It can be an indication of urinary tract infection (UTI). It can be caused by a number of reasons like retention for extended periods of time, diabetes and some other factors. It can be taken care of with home remedies like cranberry juice and yogurt.

Some Simple Home remedies for frequent urination :

Simple natural remedies like yogurt and basil leaves along with a balanced diet can help treat this condition and provide relief.

  • Cranberry juice: Have about a glass of fresh cranberry juice everyday as long as the infection lasts. It helps fight infection, especially if the condition is due to UTI.
  • Juice of basil leaves and honey: Mix the two, making sure that they are fresh and have this mixture daily in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps fight infections.
  • Yogurt: You should have lots of fresh plain unflavored yogurt everyday. It has antibacterial properties that help fight infection and prevents growth of bacteria to give relief.
  • Water: Drink lots of water throughout the day. This helps prevent dehydration and flushes out toxins from the body.
  • Kegel exercises: You can tighten your pelvic muscles while sitting in a kneeling position. These are exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles and have better control over your bladder.

Diet for frequent urination

It is important to make sure that you have a balanced and healthy diet plan. Increase your consumption of fibrous foods. It is advisable to avoid foods that contain too much saturated fats as well as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Along with this, it is important to exercise on a daily basis, even if it is just a walk. Your fitness plays an important role in how your body fights infections.

Causes of frequent urination

usually, this problem is an indication of a more serious underlying problem. It could be urinary tract infection, diabetes, cystitis or some others. Treating this problem would mean treating a symptom of any of these disorders and ignoring them could lead to serious problems. It is therefore advisable to get yourself checked before attempting self remedy.

Symptoms of frequent urination

  • Urge to urinate often
  • Inability to control bladder movement
  • Pain and irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Change in color of urine
  • Increased thirst
  • Alterations in appetite

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