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Home Remedies for Rapid Heartbeats

When heartbeats suddenly become rapid, it is a sign of heart disease. In this condition, doing even slight physical work, climbing steps, lifting a weight etc increases the heartbeat. The person feels tired and dizzy. The person also sweats excessively.

Rapid HeartbeatsSome Simple Home Remedies for Rapid Heartbeats :

Home and natural remedies prove very successful for rapid heartbeat treatment. So we are giving some of the best home remedies for rapid heartbeats.

Indian Gooseberry : Grind dried Indian gooseberry to get its powder. In this powder ,mix equal amount of sugar candy powder and keep this in a glass jar. Every morning on an empty stomach, take 2 tbsp of this powder with water . This is a miraculous home remedy for rapid heartbeats. This rapid heartbeat treatment will cure other heart ailments also.

Banyan leaves : Take 10 grams of fresh and tender Banyan leaves and grind them. Mix this paste with 150 ml of water. Strain the solution and add a little sugar candy. If you drink this solution every morning and evening, then rapid heartbeats will be normalized. This is an effective home remedy for rapid heartbeats.

Pomegranate leaves : Grind 10 grams of fresh pomegranate leaves and mix the paste with 200 ml of water. Strain the solution and drink it every morning and evening. This will normalize the heartbeats.

Spinach and carrots : Mix 100 ml of spinach juice in 200 ml of carrot juice. Drink this every morning. This is a good home remedy for rapid heartbeat.

Pomegranate juice : Drink 100 ml of pomegranate juice in the the morning and evening. This will soothe rapid heartbeats.

Coriander powder : Eat 3 grams of coriander powder mixed with 3 grams of sugar candy. This will give relief from rapid heartbeats.

Carrot juice : Drinking 200 ml of carrot juice everyday cures weakness of the heart as well as rapid heartbeats.

Lemon juice : Mix lemon juice in 15gm water and drink to get relief from heart burn and rapid heartbeat.

Long pepper : Take 25 grams each of root of long pepper and green cardamom and grind them to make a powder. Eating 3 grams of this powder daily with clarified butter gives relief from constipation and rapid heartbeat.

Buttermilk : Drink a glass of buttermilk every morning after churning well to take out all the butter. This helps in reducing fat accumulation in arteries and reduces rapid heartbeat and nervousness.

Diet-therapy : Tips on diet

  • Try to take less food . If you are suffering from obesity, then try to reduce weight.
  • Chew the food properly. Eat without hurry.
  • Take food items rich in calcium, sodium and vitamin B1.
  • Take fruits and vegetable juice as much as possible.
  • Have carrot-apple juice daily.

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