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Home Remedies for Cervical Spondylitis

In cervical spondylitis the person experiences pain and stiffness in the region of the neck, shoulder and arm. There may be restrictive movements of the neck. In cervical spondylitis there is a slow degeneration of the vertebral column in the neck due to aging.

Cervical spondylitis primarily occurs in people who have crossed forty years . It is due to low bone density or due to less calcium intake in the diet.

Some Simple Home Remedies for Cervical Spondylitis :

The simple and effective home remedies for cervical spondylitis are listed below :

  • Massage for spondylitis treatment:Massage the back of the neck with warmed Sesame oil or mustard oil. This is an effective spondylitis treatment.
  • Ginger powder for spondylitis cure: Mix dried ginger powder in warmed mustard oil and massage into the back of the neck.Take a hot fomentation afterwards. This is a beneficial cervical spondylitis treatment.
  • Castor oil for spondylitis treatment: Prepare a decoction of dried ginger and add some pure castor oil. Take half cup of the decoction, warmed at bedtime. This is good home remedy for cervical spondylitis.
  • Turmeric + Ginger: Mix 1 tsp of the powder of raw turmeric and A? tsp dried ginger powder into a glass of warm milk and take at bed time. This home remedy for cervical spondylitis is very useful.
  • Camphor for spondylitis treatment: Dissolve some camphor in mustard oil and warm it. Apply tolerably hot and massage into the affected areas of pain. This is an effective cervical spondylitis treatment.
  • Exercises for cervical spondylitis: Neck exercises are very important for cervical spondolysis. Exercise like circular movements of the neck are very effective. Acupressure is also recommended for cervical spondylitis.

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