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Home Remedies for Black Lips

Black lips is neither a skin disorder nor can be considered as a shortcoming of a person. Black lips, however, hampers the beauty of an individual irrespective of skin color. Smoking habit makes the lips to tone black and the using b-standard lipsticks and other cosmetic products gives negative impact on the skin. This turns down the lip color. Excess intake of caffeine also makes the skin look darker. In most cases, sunburn and allergy plays major role in hampering the natural lip color. Before following home remedies for black lips, quit smoking and excess consumption of caffeine.

Home Remedies for Black Lips:

Following are some natural home remedies for treating black lips.

  • Glycerin: Mix glycerin and honey and apply it on the lips. This helps to restore the natural color of lips and is a good home remedy for black lips.
  • Banana: Apply banana paste regularly to restore the normal color of lips. Though, this remedy takes long period to restore the color, its prominence is visible. This is an effective remedy for black lips.
  • Milk cream: Wash face with cold water and dry lips with towel. Apply milk cream on the lips for soothing. Let it be on lips for an hour. This is an efficient remedy, which have been followed since years.
  • Almond oil: Apply almond oil on the lips before retiring for the day. Next morning you can note the beauty of lips. This is the best home remedy.
  • Ghee: This is another best and effective home remedy for black lips. Apply ghee on the lips before sleeping. This also soothes the cracked lips.
  • Cucumber: Slice cucumber into pieces and press it on the lips. This is another remedy for whitening the lips.
  • Remedies for Black Lips: Ensure that you have enough vitamin C because, this inhibits the production of melanin. Melanin is the skin pigment that gives dark color to skin.

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