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Home Remedies using Amla Juice

Amla JuiceAmla is also known as Indian Gooseberry. This juicy fruit is a very rich source of Vitamin C. Infact it contains 20-25 times more Vitamin C than orange juice. This fruit builds powerful immunity in the body. Many diseases can be cured by home remedies using amla juice.

Here we are giving some information about the diseases and health problems which can be cured with the help of Amla juice.

Home Remedies using Amla Juice

  • Stiff Joints a�� Take fresh amla juice with little amount of heated clarified butter. Take this regularly to get relief in gout and stiff joints.
  • Boils a�� Applying amla juice on the mouth boils gives pain relief and cures the boils.
  • Eyesight a�� Take amla juice with honey for improving the eyesight.
  • Greying of hair a�� Amla juice has certain nutrients capable of turning the grey hair into black.
  • Insomnia a�� Take coarse nutmeg powder and fresh amla juice. Mix them and take this combination for treating insomnia.
  • Acne a�� The juice has antibacterial properties which prevents infection and helps in healing of acne and ulcers.
  • Diabetes a�� Mix A? tsp of turmeric powder and 2 tsp of amla juice. Take this combination twice a day. This is very effective in diabetes and sugar control.
  • Cough and cold a�� Drink 2 tsp of amla juice mixed with honey to get relief from cough and cold.
  • Losing weight a�� Drinking amla juice helps in weight loss.
  • Heart problems a�� Drinking amla juice is very beneficial in the treatment of heart problems.
  • Excessive Bleeding a�� Drink amla juice with a ripe banana three times a day during the periods. It will check excessive bleeding.
  • Jaundice a�� Soak big raisins in fresh amla juice and drink this potion twice daily.
  • Constipation a�� Amla juice regulates the bowel movements and cures chronic constipation.
  • Low Hemoglobin a�� Drinking amla juice increases hemoglobin in the body.

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  1. my age is 21 years .i am so weak about my wight.can amla juice help me to improve my wight.

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