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Home Remedies for Blood in Stool

Remedies for Blood in StoolIntroduction

Melena is medical condition in which blood appears in the stool. This can happen due to problems associated with gastro-intestinal region, esophagus or the anal region. If the problem is associated with esophagus or upper gastro-intestinal region, then the cause of blood in stool is gastric ulcer. Here we are going to give some home remedies for blood in stool which will help to get rid of this problem.

Home Remedies for Blood in Stool

Ginger and Senna a�� Take some dry ginger powder and dry senna leaves powder. Take a glass of lukewarm water and mix 5 grams of the mixture. Drink this before going to bed.

Buttermilk a�� Add some salt and black pepper in a glass of buttermilk and then drink it. Take this combination daily till the problem is cured.

Sesame seeds a�� Eating A? tsp of sesame seeds with little amount of butter is a good home remedy for blood in stool.

Rose petals a�� Ground 10 rose petals with half a cup of water and take it for three days on an empty stomach. This is also a good home remedy for blood in stool or hemorrhoids.

Diet for Preventing Blood in Stool

Fiber Rich Diet a�� To avoid chronic constipation, the diet must be rich in fiber. So increase your intake of green vegetables, fruits etc.

Water a�� Drink one liter of water as the first thing in the morning. This helps to clear the stomach.

Do’s and Don’t

  • Take fiber rich diet.
  • Avoid refined flour. Take whole wheat flour.
  • Strictly avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc.
  • Do regular yoga and exercises.
  • Avoid stress at any cost.

Yoga for Blood in Stool

Regular practice of the following asanas is beneficial in the treatment of blood in stool.

  • Standing forward bend pose
  • Wheel pose
  • Shoulder stand
  • Mountain pose
  • Sun salutation
  • Head stand

Causes of Blood in Stool

  • Oily and Spicy foods
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Excessive smoking
  • Intestinal worms
  • Food poisoning
  • Inflammation of food pipe
  • Pain killers, steroids

FAQ on Blood in Stool

Q.What is the main cause of gastric ulcer?

A. The stressful life is a major cause of gastric ulcers.

… To Sum Up…

Blood in stool should not be taken lightly. Follow the home remedies for blood in stool. Consult doctor to find the cause of the problem. Don’t take stress and remain happy.

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