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Are Home Remedies for Stammering Treatment Effective?

Home Remedies for Stammering Treatment

Stammering or stuttering is a kind of speech disorder. It is characterized by involuntary prolongations or repetitions of words, involuntary blocks or pauses while speaking. The good news is that some Home Remedies for

Stammering Treatment

Stammering Treatment are effective. Besides speech therapy, if one also uses certain natural cures then one can get rid of stammering. These remedies can be used by children as well as adults. Since they are natural, they are absolutely safe. Home Remedies for Stammering

    • Eating fresh Indian gooseberry (Amla) everyday is said to cure stuttering. The powdered form of Indian gooseberry is available in any herbal store. Mix a teaspoon of this powder and a teaspoon of clarified butter (Ghee). Have this mixture in the morning to get rid of stammering.
    • Almonds are very good home remedies for stammering. Soak 9 almonds in water overnight. Grind them and have them with 30g of clarified butter (ghee). Take this mixture for a few months to stop stammering.
    • Take 10 whole black peppers (kali mirch) and 10 almonds. Grind them together along with candy made of sugar crystals (Misri). Eat this for a few months to treat the speech disorder.
    • Dry dates are also said to be helpful in treating stuttering. Just have a few dry dates before going to bed. Avoid drinking water for 2 hours after having dates. This will clear the voice.
    • Sometimes the stammering can be due to panic attacks and anxiety. Drinking Lemon Balm tea can relax you. This can be instrumental in treating the condition effectively.
  • Chewing cinnamon also proves to be helpful in getting rid of the stammering problem.

These home remedies for stammering along with the recommended speech therapy will surely benefit you.

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