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4 Home Remedies for the Foot Numbness

Most of us might have experienced abnormal sensation or numbness in the feet. Usually the foot numbness may not be a cause of worry. It can be due to poor circulation of blood to the feet, tight shoes, a nerve injury etc. However, in some cases, the numb sensation can be due to some underlying ailment like underactive thyroid, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis etc. It is advisable to check with a professional to get to the root of the problem. Besides this, a few simple natural remedies can help treat the numbness in the feet.

4A�Home Remedies for the Foot Numbness

Foot Numbness




oth on the feet for sometime. You can also use ice bags or hot water bags for the same. Doing so will relax the muscles of the legs and feet. This will also encourage proper blood circulation in the area. Perform theses compressions at least thrice a week.Compressions: Cold and hot compressions can be applied to the affected area to treat it. Just place a hot or cold cl


Exercise: One of the best home remedies for foot numbness is exercise. It is said that one of the reasons for numb foot is poor blood circulation. This can be cured by regular exercise. Brisk walk or a 10 minute workout can greatly improve the circulation of the blood. Try to go for a walk first thing in the morning. Another good option is swimming.

Foot positioning: In case you observe that the numbness of the feet is due to certain positions or at a specific time then you might change the habit. Tucking a pillow under the feet at night can help you get rid of the foot numbness in the morning. An elevated foot will not let the blood swell the arteries.

Dietary recommendations: Cholesterol is said to slow down the blood circulation. Eating lot of fresh fruits and fiber can lower the cholesterol levels. Lack of nutrients can also cause numbness of the foot. Try to include vitamin B12 in the diet which helps in blood circulation. Maintain the levels of sodium, potassium and calcium in the body by taking a proper diet. These home remedies for foot numbness will help you take care of the condition.

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