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Top 8 Home Remedies For Dark Skin On Neck

Dark Skin On Neck

Dressing up for a party I tied my long dark hair in a beautiful bun hairstyle. For a long time I avoided exposing my beautiful, long neck because of the Dark Skin On Neck. I tried many things but no cosmetic cream worked for me. My search led me to some of the home remedies that finally got me rid of the dark color on my neck. Lemon, potato, rose water, yogurt, walnuts are some of the ingredients used to light the dark skin on neck.

  1. Lemon Juice To Lighten Dark Neck Skin:
    The citric acid in lemons is used as a natural bleaching agent. It helps lighten the dark skin. But, care must be taken not to expose the skin to direct sunlight for at least 2 hours after using lemon treatment on skin.

    • Apply lemon juice directly to the dark neck using a cotton ball or your finger tips.
    • In case you have sensitive skin, apply diluted lemon juice on your dark neck skin.
  2. Cucumber Juice On Dark Skin On Neck:
    Cucumber juice soothes and glows the skin, removes the accumulated dead skin, and gives a refreshing feeling to the skin.

    • Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice on the dark parts.
    • Lightly scrub the grated cucumber on your dark neck, and then splash some rose water.
  3. Chickpea For Dark Neck Skin:
    Chick pea flour can be an excellent scrubber removing the dead skin, and exposing a light and fresh skin. Turmeric aids in lightening the dark skin color.

    • Take a tbsp of chickpea flour. Add a pinch of turmeric to it, and enough water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on the dark skin and leave it for 30 minutes to treat. Wash it off with cold water.
    • Mix equal quantities of chickpea flour and yogurt into a fine paste. Apply this on the dark skin and scrub lightly. Leave it to dry. Wash it off with cold water.
  4. Walnuts & Yogurt For Neck With Dark Skin:
    Vitamin E and zinc in walnuts nourishes, and smoothes the skin. Linoleic acid helps in maintaining the skin structure, and it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Dry skin darkens more than the hydrated skin.

    • Make a fine paste of walnuts and yogurt. Very gently scrub your neck with it for a few minutes and leave it to dry. Rinse with cold or rose water.
  5. Sandalwood To Lighten The Black Neck:
    Sandalwood lightens, softens and smoothens the dark and dry type of skin. Milk has a lightening effect on skin, and rose water gives a refreshing feeling.

    • Mix sandalwood powder with enough rose water to make a consistent paste. Apply it on the skin until dry. Wash with water.
    • Add milk or milk powder to the above said paste if you have dry skin.
  6. Skin Brightener Aloe Vera Gel:
    It is a natural skin lightener, which not only lightens the skin color by many shades, but also reduces dark spots.

    • Apply a layer of pure aloe vera gel on the dark skin directly. Wash it with water after 15 minutes.
  7. Potato Juice To Reduce Dark Color:
    It is a natural bleaching agent used for the whitening of the skin.

    • Use potato juice or grated potato or sliced potato on the neck.
  8. Honey, Tomato& Lemon Juice:
    Honey is an anti-microbial agent, which also helps in lightening of the skin. So do lemon and milk. Almond is rich in vitamin E which nourishes it.

    • Make a paste of almond. Add milk powder, honey, lemon juice, and olive oil. Let this pack treat your skin for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water.
    • Rub a slice of tomato on the dark neck skin for a couple of minutes. Take some honey on a loofah and scrub the neck to exfoliate the dead skin. Or make a mixture of the two and use it on your neck.

Dark skin on neck is never a pleasant thing to see, and using these simple home remedies will help you get rid of it.

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