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Top 12 Home Remedies To Increase Appetite

Remedies To Increase Appetite

My frienda��s son is too weak and has a very small appetite. Also, his weak digestion reacts negatively to any prescribed medicines. My friend is always on the look for simpleA�Remedies To Increase Appetite. Small meals, tasty and colorful additions to cooking, exercise, and eating fruits and vegetables are some of the simple steps that can help the condition very well.

Following Are Some Of The Easy Tips That Would Help Increase Appetite

  1. Ginger is a good remedy for curing indigestion, and increasing appetite. Eat it, include it in cooking, or add it as a spice to curry or soup.
    • Take a small piece of ginger, peel and grate it. Add a few drops of lemon and black pepper to it and eat this on empty stomach everyday for two weeks.
    • Take an inch of ginger root, wash, peel, and grate it. Add a little bit of salt to it and eat it.
    • Drink ginger tea by boiling an inch of the crushed root in two cups of water. To it add half teaspoon of anise seed, cinnamon powder, and peppermint leaves. Boil, strain, and drink it once a day.
  2. Tomatoes enhance appetite, improve digestion, and cure indigestion problems.
    • Drink tomato soup.
    • Include ripe, red, juicy tomatoes in cooking.
    • Eat it as salad.
  3. Red wine is good for treating indigestion, improving digestion, and the small number of minerals and vitamins in it are helpful in stimulating appetite.
    • Drink red wine in moderation.
    • Add it in cooking.
  4. Gentian stimulates hunger, treats flatulence problem, and addresses other digestive problems.
    • Before taking gentian it is better to consult a doctor because it not good for people with stomach ulcers.
  5. Goldenseal is a stimulant that encourages hunger. It is available in the form of root, powder, or liquid extract and tincture. It stimulates bile juices, digestive enzymes, and saliva production and aids in proper digestion.
    • Consult a doctor or herbalist before taking it. High dosage of it can be dangerous.
  6. Carom seeds are helpful in treating the condition right and simultaneously in getting rid of the trapped gases in the stomach.
    • Take half teaspoon of carom seeds half an hour before meals. Eat it. Or mix a pinch of salt with half teaspoon of carom seeds and chew it.
  7. Cinnamon increases the desire to eat more.
    • Mix cinnamon powder with sugar or honey and use it in cooking or spread it on a toast and eat.
  8. Fenugreek aids in proper digestion, gets rid of trapped gases, and improves the hunger.
    • Include fenugreek seeds in food. Or take half teaspoon of its powder daily in the morning.
  9. Lemon juice stimulates digestion, treats related problems, and removes toxins from the body, purifies liver and kidney and improves the feeling to eat.
    • Drink lemon juice.
  10. Apples stimulate hunger, and help in proper digestion.
    • Eat an apple every day.
  11. Grapes are hunger stimulants. The sourness and the mild acidic nature of it aids in proper digestion.
    • Eat grapes between meals.
  12. Black berries too have been found to be of major help in the condition.
    • Eat black berries.

Other Important Points:

  • Do not drink water or liquids during meals. It gives a feeling of fullness of stomach.
  • Avoid drinking tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages before meals.
  • Avoid snacks before eating.
  • Limit gas creating foods like cabbage, chickpeas etc.
  • Do not time your eating habits. Eat when you feel like.
  • Eat small meals 5 times a day.
  • Eat fast. It takes only a few minutes for the stomach to feel full.
  • Do not eat alone. Eating with someone else makes you eat more.
  • Eat a variety of food. Do not restrict eating any kind of food.
  • Include all the tastes. Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty etc.
  • Include vegetables and fruits.

These are some of the simple ingredients that can increase appetite and treat the fatigue and weakness that it causes. But before self treating yourself, it is always better to consult a medical practitioner and over rule any underlying condition reason.

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