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Top 14 Home Cures For Herpes

Irritability, itching, fever, tiredness, burning sensation, pain, and muscle ache in some cases are some of the signs of the infection caused by herpes virus. Honey, vinegar, aloe vera, tea, and garlic are some of the Home Cures For Herpes that can effectively treat the signs of it. Though this virus cannot be completely remove from the body, reducing stress, maintain hormonal balance, and strong immune system along with the home cures for herpes can help prevent the recurrence of it. Let us learn how some simple remedies can aid in preventing and treating the situati.

Top 14A�Home Remedies ToA�Cures For Herpes:

  1. AloeA�Vera:
    Pure aloeA�VeraA�gel extracted from the plants aid in soothing blisters, treat the sores, repair the damage to the skin, and reduce the redness, itching, and swelling around the bumps. It promotes cell regeneration, and heals the skin faster.

    • Apply pure gel extract of the aloe vera plant on the affected part. It is very beneficial in treating genital herpes.
  2. Lemon balm:
    The anti-viral characteristics of lemon balm help fight and eliminate the virus responsible for the condition and soothe the itching and irritation on the skin. It also reduces stress, a factor that is responsible for triggering the virus. The healing properties of lemon balm reduce the time to cure the condition by half, and hasten fast recovery.

    • Prepare tea by steeping lemon balms in a cup of water for a few minutes and drink it twice a day.
  3. Comfrey:
    It acts as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, and aids in cell regeneration to treat the symptoms of this medical condition. It alleviates the inflammation, itching, redness, dries the sores, and heals the skin faster.

    • Dab a cotton ball in comfrey tincture and apply it on the affected part. But, it is better to consult a doctor before using it. It should not be taken without a medical prescription.
  4. Calendula:
    Calendula is very useful in healing the skin and can also prevent the outbreak of the infection if it is used after the first signs of it are observed. It soothes the itching, decreases the swelling and redness, and helps repair the skin damage. The anti-viral properties eliminate the virus and provide relief from the symptoms.

    • Ask the doctor for the calendula creams. Or topically apply calendula oil on the affected part.
  5. Tea tree oil:
    The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-septic attributes reduce the outbreak of the condition by almost 90% in many cases. This oil is vastly used to lower the irritation, itchiness, swelling, the redness of the blisters, and soothes the skin.

    • Directly apply a drop or two of the oil on the troubled part, or dilute it with water and dab a cotton swab and wipe the area with it in case of sensitive skin.
  6. Green or black Tea:
    Drinking black or green tea helps boost the immune system and fight against the virus better. The polyphenols and flavonoids are the main ingredients in tea are essential against the spread of the infection. White tea is more effective in treating herpes.

    • Drink white, green, or black tea at least twice of thrice a day. Or apply brewed tea on the affected part for fast healing.
  7. Chamomile:
    The high anti-viral activities of chamomile curtail the spread of the infection and effectively treat the sores too. It soothes the skin and decreases the skin irritability.

    • Apply chamomile oil to the infected areas.
  8. Ice compression:
    The coldness of ice helps soothe the irritation and ease the discomfort caused by the herpes virus. It is always better to use ice therapy before the break out and at the first signs of the infection.

    • Apply ice pack or cube wrapped in cloth for 10 to 15 minutes. Using it for more than that time limit can stop the blood flow to the part and cause stinging pain.
  9. Honey:
    The very natural and very effectively anti-microbial honey has been used almost against all kinds of skin infections, conditions, and disorders. It also helps ease the pain, itching, irritation, redness, and other signs of the problem.

    • Apply pure honey to the affected part for at least 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.
  10. Epsom salt bath:
    The main component is magnesium in Epsom salt, which alleviates the inflammation, and itching and relaxes the body, nerves, and muscles instantly. It also de-stresses the user and relaxes the mind and body, which further enables the body to fight better against the virus.

    • Add one or two cups of Epsom salt to a tub full of hot bathing water and soak in it for a few minutes to open the pores and allow the magnesium to enter the skin.
  11. Baking soda:
    Baking soda is known to absorb the moisture from the boils and leave them dry. It also prevents the virus from spreading by creating a bitter environment for them.

    • Dust some baking soda on the sores twice a day.
  12. Cornstarch:
    Cornstarch has a drying effect on the blisters. The absorbing nature of cornstarch uses up the fluid from the sores and leaves them dry. Dry blisters are easily shed by the skin.

    • Sprinkle some cornstarch on the infected part and leave it for a few minutes before cleaning it.
  13. Apple cider vinegar:
    Vinegar is mildly acidic in nature and is also used as an effective astringent, which dries the sores and helps shed them fast. Taking it internally also detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. But, precaution should be taken not to use it directly on the sores.

    • Dilute vinegar with water in 1:3 ratio and swipe the area with the prepared mixture using a cotton ball. Or include diluted vinegar in cooking.
  14. Garlic:
    Allicin, a compound present in garlic is very effective against bacteria, virus, fungus, and other microbes that responsible for numerous infections and conditions. It also acts a good anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory agent and decreases the signs of herpes.

    • In a teaspoon of olive oil roast a clove of garlic and chew it, or add it as a paste to your cooking. Or crush a clove of it and add it to water and drink on empty stomach every morning.

Other than these home cures for herpes, many other kitchen herbs, essential oils etc are used to prevent, decrease, and treat the problem.

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  1. Although herpes is not curable for the moment. But medications can control herpes outbreak and reduce the risk of transmission. Having herpes is not the end of the world.

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