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Angina Treatment At Home a�� Top 8 Tips

Angina Treatment

includes simple changes in daily life style and eating habits that can be very beneficial. Garlic, lemon, onions, parsley, and many other fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be used as effective angina treatment remedies.
What Is Angina?
In Latin Angina Pectoris means squeezing chest pain. The insufficient or decreased supply of blood and oxygen to the heart results in squeezing chest pain and discomfort. Resting for a few minutes or taking a nitroglycerin tablet usually relieves the symptoms and provides relief from the situation.

This condition is divided into two categories namely Stable Angina and Unstable Angina. When the predictable and regular appearance of the symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath etc., is called categorized as stable type. This usually results after strenuous activity, stress, or any other reason which can be relieved by taking a nitroglycerin pill or by resting for a few minutes. When the occurrence of symptoms is unpredictable the condition is categorized as unstable type. The symptoms of this type are more severe and do not disappear even after a few minutes of rest and nitroglycerin pill. Or in some cases high doses of the pill are needed.

Unstable angina is more dangerous than stable angina and it is also a precursor to heart attack.

The following are a few of the causes for angina.

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Narrowed coronary arteries due to the accumulation of fats
  • Coronary artery spasms
  • Lack of oxygen supply to the heart
  • Inflammation of the lining around the heart
  • Inflammation of the lungs lining
  • Bacterial infection of lungs
  • Tearing of the major blood vessels
  • Bursting of small sacs in the lungs tissue called Pneumothorax
  • Nerve compression
  • Stress
  • Strenuous physical activity etc

The following are the signs as a result of the condition.

  • Heaviness in the chest
  • Chest tightness
  • Chest pain
  • Choking feeling
  • Heart burning feeling
  • Discomfort and aching across the chest and behind the breastbone
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • Indigestion
  • Weakness
  • Numbness in the left arm
  • Pain in chest, neck, back, left arm, and in teeth etc

Home Remedies For Blocked Heart Arteries:
Simple changes to eating habits from high calorie to easily digestible and low fat veggies are advised, and an active life to burn out fats is also suggested. Apart from the changes, include the following tips in daily life to prevent the condition.

  1. Garlic:
    Garlic has been found to lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol levels, and it also significantly reduces the triglycerides in the blood, hence preventing clogging of arteries and saving the angina condition. The anti-oxidant properties of garlic help fight the free radicals which result in debris and plaque that constrict the arteries. Also, this herb regulates and normalizes the high blood pressure, diabetes, and prevents heart related diseases. The anti-bacterial attributes treat the infections that can result in chest pain and provide relief.Allicin, a compound present in garlic helps relax the hard and narrowed blood vessels, eases the smooth flow of blood, and aids in thinning the blood. A word of caution is not to over use it. Pregnant women should discuss garlic benefits.
  • Eat a raw garlic clove everyday in the morning. Or dip it in honey and chew. Or use its paste in daily cooking.
  • Onions:
    Onions have chemicals called flavonoids that help reduce the inflammation of the arteries, and strengthens the blood vessels. Inflamed arteries cause chest pain, and are also a major reason for stroke and heart diseases. Onions aid in reducing cholesterol levels, and regulate sugar levels. Quercetin, another compound found in onions is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps alleviate the inflammation of the lungs, and the muscles around the heart which are the major causes for the chest pain.

    • Eat a raw onion everyday in the morning. Or drink its juice extract. Or add it in everyday diet.
  • Lemon:
    Lemon is considered as a simple home remedy to purify the blood. It eliminates all the built up toxins, plaque and other debris from the blood and purifies it. The flavonoids present in lemon reduce the swelling of the arteries, controls and regulates high levels of sugar and cholesterol presence and prevents heart problems. The anti-bacterial properties treat any infection that can lead to angina and cures the chest pain.It energizes the body, improves immunity, and treats weakness and respiratory problems like shortness of breath.

    • Drink a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of a lemon on empty stomach every morning. Or add lemon juice to salad. Or use it in daily cooking.
  • Parsley:
    The antioxidants in parsley help purify the blood of any plaque or bad fat and other debris, reduces the inflammation of lungs, and muscles around the heart, and improve the immunity against infections. The folic acid in parsley helps prevent cardiac arrest, lower high diabetes and cholesterol levels, and reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels. It strengthens the blood vessels, increases the immunity, fights against the harmful foreign bodies, prevents infections, and improves the overall health.

    • Drink parsley tea. Eat it raw, or cook a delicious cuisine with it.
  • Basil:
    Basil leaves fight respiratory disorders, weakness, relieves chest pain, and general discomfort caused by the condition. It clears and purifies the blood and removes any toxins, accumulated fats, plaque, and other sticky debris that can block the blood vessels. Also, basil leaves improve the immunity, fight the free radicals, prevent damage to the cells, and treats cramps, spasms etc that can lead to chest pain.

    • Every morning chew a handful of basil leaves raw. Or drink a cup of tea by boiling the same quantity of basil leaves in a cup of water. Or include it as a herb in food.
  • Honey:
    Honey is an easy remedy to cure any heart related problem, respiratory troubles, and weak immune system. It enhances blood circulation to all parts of the body, supplies oxygen adequately, and improves the overall function of all the body organs. It reduces the bad cholesterol, fat accumulation in the arteries, and diabetes problem and prevents and treats the problem of chest pain.Honey energizes the body, fights weakness, muscle spasms and cramps, fights bacterial and other infections and clears the constricted vessels. Honey is a good way to increase the HDL or good cholesterol in the blood, and improve the metabolism and immunity.

    • Mix honey with lemon juice in equal parts and drink it every morning on empty stomach. Or take a teaspoon of honey. Or add it to some delicious food dish.
  • Fruits:
    Pomegranates, grapes, kiwi, blueberries etc are some of the fruits that help angina problem by regulating the blood pressure, cholesterol, reducing LDL and increasing HDL cholesterol, and by preventing the hardening and thickening of arteries. The antioxidants in fruits help purify the blood, filter and eliminate the toxins and plaque build in it, aids in thinning the blood, and improving the blood circulation. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of fruits help reduce the swelling of the vessels, and correct the problem of constricted arteries and restricted blood flow to the heart.The abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and other essentials found in fruits help improve the immune system, fight against viral and bacterial infections, and improve the elasticity of the blood vessels. Diabetic patients should check with their doctors about what fruits they can eat.

    • Eat at least 2 servings of fruits each day.
  • Vegetables:
    Broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, carrot, and many other vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other properties that prevent chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, hardening of arteries, interrupted flow of blood to the heart and other parts and enable the body to fight against infections and conditions.Vegetables are the non-fat, low in calorie way to nourish the body, and energize it. They help maintain the normal bodily functions. It regulates high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and sugar levels.

    • Eat at least 2 to 4 servings a day to regulate, control, and normalize all the bodily functions. Include leafy greens too in your daily diet.

Prevention Tips:
These prevention tips towards a healthy way of living would help prevent the angina problem from occurring.

  • Reduce or completely avoid eating meat, especially high fat meat.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. These are the easiest ways to block or harden the blood vessels and deteriorate the health.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and low fat dairy products.
  • Do not overeat or binge on food.
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals.
  • Work out every day for 40 minutes. Work in gym, walk, jog, practice, or do any rigorous physical activity that makes you sweat. This helps eliminate build up of toxins in the body.
  • Drink lots of water every day. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water is recommended.
  • Replace colas, packaged drinks, and other preservative drinks with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Include soups in every day diet.
  • Cut down fried, oily, spicy, sugary, processed, and packaged food.
  • Reduce weight if you are obese.
  • Practice meditation to control stress. Stress is also a major source of clogged arteries.

These are only a few of the many angina treatment tips that would help one live healthy and happy. Also, once in 6 months get a completely health check up done. This would rule out or identify any possible health scare conditions.

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  1. I am giving a miracle natural remedy (soup)for artery blockage , it is
    a really helpful to ublock the blocked arteries.

    1) one glass of water
    2) 2 full spoons of OATS
    3)about 1/3rd of one full size Bottle Gourd (lauki) cut into small pieces
    4)small piece of ginger (cut into very small pieces)
    5) about 3 small cubes of garlic (cut into small pieces)
    6)1/2 lime juice
    7) salt and pepper

    mix all above and boil it for around 10 minutes till lauki gets softer .
    make a soup .
    drink the hot soup and eat lauki.
    the soup will reduce your fat and bad cholestrol.
    your angina pain should get relief immediately and your blockage should go away
    within 20 days.

    this soup is miracle remedy for artery blocks .
    it is very simple to make.
    you can avoid bypass surgery .
    all the best

    disclaimer:=please do not stop medicines without doctor consultation.

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